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The Company

Migre Aussie Pty. Ltd. is a migration agency company based in Perth (Australia) delivering professional migration advice and visa application assistance and services.

The role of a Migration Agent is to provide professional legal expertise, advice and assistance with migration and visa matters. In Australia, a Migration Agent must be registered. The Office of Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA) is regulating the profession. All Registered Migration Agents are bound by a Code of Conduct including the Duty of Confidentiality, maintaining an extensive knowledge of Australian migration law and procedures and high standards of ethics.

The face behind Migre Aussie

Marie-Hélène Marsolais-Migre AussieMarie-Helene Marsolais is the Director of Migre Aussie Pty. Ltd. and a Registered Migration Agent – Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN 1461565).

Marie-Helene is originally from Montreal, Canada. She has moved to Australia in 2009 and has held different types of visa prior becoming an Australian citizen in 2014. Fascinated since a long time ago by the phenomena of migrating in another country, she has taught French to skilled migrants in Canada, studied Canadian migration law and sociology of immigration, became a migrant in Australia before deciding to embrace the career of Migration Agent.

She has a strong background in Human Resources and Recruitment in Australia. As one of her main tasks was to prepare documents for various employer sponsor and sponsored employees visa applications, it was another inspiration towards the career of migration agent. She founded Migre Aussie in 2014.

Vision and values

Helping people from around the world to live the great Australian Dream. Assisting Australian employers to sponsor overseas skilled workers and respect their sponsor obligations.

Honesty, efficiency and acting lawfully in the client’s best interest are essential and it’s our pride to respect these values.

But our main difference is that each client is receiving the highest level of service and consideration. The mojo is to treat and serve our client the same way we would like to be treated.

Our difference

We offer our services in both French and English. If you are a French speaker and would prefer receiving essential information in French, we’ll be happy to communicate with you in French via email, Skype, phone or face-to-face. Please note that the official documents and contracts will be in English to comply with the Code of Conduct.

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Our business partners are really important, competent and carefully chosen as we want to work with partners that we trust and admire for their work. As we always aim to a maximum of transparency with our partners and our clients, we think it’s important to disclose that we may have a referral agreement with our partners. If you have any questions, please contact us directly: info@migreaussie.com

We are proudly working with:


Francaustralia is offering service to future students or anyone who wants to know more about how to come and study in Australia. Francaustralia Education is an education agency, which represents the universities and Australian institutions for the French speaker clients.

Its goal is to help you to choose your programs and to facilitate all the administration part of your enrolment and student visa application. Francaustralia team is passionate, dynamic and very well experienced. They have an office in Paris and one in Brisbane.

Perth à la carte
Perth à la carte

Perth à la carte’s website gathers everything French and French inspired in Perth. A free guide with maps and calendars to help you discover where and when to enjoy the French culture in Perth. All businesses and associations are categorized into 6 sections, with the first two completed and the other four coming soon:

• Restaurant • Bakery, Patisserie, Café • Food & Beverage retail • Kids • Shopping • Lifestyle

There is also a calendar dedicated to French and French related Entertainment Events including cinema, ballets, music, festivals, sports…

Vivere in Australia
Vivere in Australia

Vivere in Australia, “living in Australia”, is an Italian website launched in 2011 with lots of posts and information about living, migrating or simply visiting Australia.

Justudy Australia
Justudy Australia

Justudy Australia is an Italian education agency based in Perth that aims at helping people who choose Australia as their study destination. Justudy Australia provides all their students with a free, transparent, complete and personalised counselling service package. Justudy Australia’s team put their professional and personal expertise at the student’s disposal and accompany them all the way through their Australian experience.