Partner Visas

Oh it looks that you have found love!

You may be eligible for a partner visa if you are:

  • engaged
  • married
  • in a de facto relationship

with an Australian or Eligible New Zealander. This includes same-sex couples. There is also an option of temporary visa if you are in a relationship with a New Zealander citizen in Australia.

What is really important for all the Partner visa types is to provide strong evidences of your genuine and ongoing relationship.

Most of the Partner visas are a two-step process. The first visa application is a temporary visa which gives you the opportunity to settle down prior applying for the second part in order to obtain a permanent visa.

Partner visas overview:

820/801 Onshore Spouse/Partner visa
It is appropriate for couples already in Australia. You can remain in Australia after the visa is lodged. Visa Subclass 820 is a temporary visa then 2 years after the application, you can apply for Subclass 801 permanent visa.

309/100 Offshore Partner visa
It is appropriate for couples outside Australia at the time of the application. 2 years after having lodged your Subclass 309 visa application, you can apply on the permanent visa Subclass 100.

461 – New Zealand citizen family relationship temporary visa
It is possible to apply from inside or outside Australia if you are in a relationship with a New Zealand citizen who holds a visa Subclass 444 Special Category in Australia. This visa does not lead to a permanent residency and has a 5 years validity.

300 Offshore Prospective Marriage visa
If you are living outside Australia and intend to marry your partner. Once this visa is granted, you’ll have 9 months to move to Australia, get married and lodge a Spouse visa.

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