This service is really advantageous and based on a full assessment of your situation, qualifications, skills, projects, background, etc. We offer face-to-face consultation if you are in Perth (Fremantle) or via Skype or telephone if you are overseas, interstate or too far from Perth. We’ll make sure we are offering flexibility and we’ll consider the time zone difference to book an appointment with you. And we will call you – phone charges at our expense.

During the consultation, we’ll discuss about:

  • Visa eligibility and Visa options
  • Visa requirements, criteria and conditions
  • Steps in the application process
  • Processing time and Visa application fees
  • Relevant migration advice and support

You have 2 options:

  1. Initial Consultation: 1 hour discussion with our migration agent to discuss about your situation, your best visa options and all your questions.
  2. Consultation including a written summary: 1 hour Initial Consultation + written summary of all your working visa options including: occupation description, skills assessment and visas requirements, fees, processing time and anything else relevant to your profile.

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Visa assistance

Visa assistance means that we are providing you the best option: full visa services that can lower your level of stress as we are taking care of everything: from the preparation of the visa application to post-lodgement of your visa application until decision is made.
Visa assistance process in a glance:

  1. Visa Eligibility Assessment
  2. Consultation to fully assess your situation
  3. Preparation of the visa application and other applications if applicable
  4. Document checklist and instructions about how to obtain the documents required
  5. Documents and application final review
  6. Visa application lodgement
  7. Correspondence with the Department of Immigration until visa outcome

Once decision is made on your visa application, you will be advised about the next steps to take towards permanent residency or Australian citizenship. All information will be kept confidentially for any future applications.

Skills services

Our skills services include assistance to prepare Skills Assessment applications for the appropriate skills assessing authority. Skills Assessment is an official recognition of your skills and qualification required for most working visas. The requirements vary according your occupation and skills assessing authority.

Our skills services include as well assistance to prepare Recognition Prior Learning (RPL) applications. If you have work experience and need to obtain an Australian qualification and/or a Skills Assessment, the RPL process might be your best option instead of choosing to study.

Our skills services in a glance:

  1. Skills Assessment or RPL assessment during consultation
  2. Checklist provided with list of documents required
  3. Preparation of your application
  4. Verification of documents and instructions when required
  5. Finalisation of your application
  6. Lodging your Skills Assessment or RPL application
  7. Liaising with authority to follow-up until outcome is received
Services for employers

We have developed a service line to meet the needs of Australian employers to assist them throughout the sponsor and nomination process when sponsoring skilled employees under some different types of visa.

As the complexity of Australian migration law can be a challenge for the sponsoring employer, we’ll make sure that as a sponsor under the 457 program scheme you are well aware of your obligations and we’ll help you to make sure that you are complying with your sponsor obligations.

Our services include:

  • Assistance with the sponsor and nomination application for temporary or permanent visa
  • Assistance and advice with sponsorship compliance (audit and recommendations)
  • Corporate training services onsite for your employees involved with the internal visa process